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 Limited Warranty for Amerisolar Inverters
Worldwide Energy and Manufacturing USA Co., Limited (hereafter is referred to as “Amerisolar”) provides standard warranty period of 5 years for TL/MTL/MTL/MT series products (warranty period being from the date on purchase invoice). Additional provision will be subject to contract. Warranty card and purchase invoice should be properly kept within product warranty period. Amerisolar has the rights to deny the warranty service or only provide paid service if information on the original nameplate is missing or not clear enough to identify the delivery date product model.
1.    Warranty Policy
1)    This clause applies to photovoltaic inverters (including assemblies) of Amerisolar.
2)    If the inverter malfunctions or becomes inoperative due to a defect in workmanship or material under normal operation as specified in product instruction within warranty period, Amerisolar will, at its option:
A.    Return to the factory for maintenance;B.    Onsite maintenance;
C.    Products Replacement (if original model has stopped in production, Amerisolar will provide a replacing device of equivalent value according to model and age).
3)    Amerisolar offers standard warranty from the date on purchase invoice (additional provision will be subject to contract, the same below). The warranty period of maintained products continues based on original period. If the peroid remains less than 3 months, Amerisolar will offer a full three-month warranty period to the replaced or maintained parts of products starting from the date of replacement or maintenance.
4)    Warranty cards and purchase invoices should be properly kept for further warranty claim.
2.    Procedure of Warranty
1)     As for products in accordance with warranty policy, basic information in warranty card must be provided. Otherwise, Amerisolar has the right to deny the services. Customers should be responsible for any losses caused by this.
2)     Amerisolar offers 24 hours services within its after-sales system.
3.    Exclusions and Limitations
All warranty claims must, in any event, be filed within the applicable warranty period.
The following exceptions are exclusive to this warranty:
1)    Product warranty period is expired (Excluding additional agreements of warranty extension).
2)    Faults or damages due to operations against Amerisolar instruction, installation and maintenace requirements.
3)    Disassembly, repair or modification by unauthorized person.
4)    Faults or damages due to unpredicted factors, man-made factors, or force majeure.
5)    Faults or damages caused by other reasons not related to product quality problem.
6)    Other unforeseen circumstances or causes outside Amerisolar’s control including, but not limited to, surges, lightning, earthquakes, typhoons, hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanic action, floods, tsunami, snow damage, etc.
4.    Limitation of Warranty Scope
Amerisolar shall not be liable for any incidental, indirect, consequential or special damages, howsoever caused. Loss of use, loss of profits, loss of production, loss of revenues are therefore specifically but without limitation excluded. Amerisolar’s aggregate liability, if any, in damages or otherwise, shall not exceed the purchase value of the
inverter(s) as paid by the Buyer.
5.    Warranty Extension
Amerisolar provides warranty extension for products out of warranty period. Extra charges shall apply which include labor cost, maintenance cot and material cost.

6.    Remarks
1)    The above clauses specify that Amerisolar shall bear all liabilities for its products. Amerisolar will not bear any liabilities except contents in this warranty without written confirmation.
2)    As for regions with geographic or traffic obstacles, Amerisolar, according to actual situation, negotiate and determine the location for onsite maintenace service to the customer.
3)    Before maintenance, the customer should backup related data and software. Amerisolar will not bear consequences and liabilities caused by data or system damage.
4)    Amerisolar will reserve the right of final interpretation of thid warranty.
7.    Validity
This limited warranty for Amerisolar inverters shall be from August 1, 2015 and shall apply to all inverter (s) sold to the Buyer after this date. This shall be valid until an updated revision is issued.
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  • E-mail: [email protected]

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